Jeff Stewart Professional Photo
Business Development Executive

JEFFREY STEWART is the Business Development Executive responsible for the commercialization of technologies and management of intellectual property portfolios in National Security. He started his career at LLNL in 1997 as researcher in the Systems and Decision Sciences Group. He later became the first Group Leader for the newly formed Applied Statistics and Economics group. Within a few years he more than doubled the size of the original team from 5 to 13. He later became a Project Manager in the Engineering Directorate leading the Energy Systems research team in charge of developing new projects and partnerships with government, industry and universities. Sponsored projects ranged from organizations responsible for National Security, Homeland Security, and Energy and Environment. He developed multiyear projects with over a half dozen federal and state agencies, seven private companies or industry consortium, as well as six universities. He received his B.S. in Government and Economics from the Oberlin College, and his M.S. in Environmental Economics from Yale University.

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