Wayne Miller
Deputy Director, HPCIC

As Deputy Director of LLNL’s High-Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC), Wayne leads an exceptional team of LLNL scientists, engineers, and administrative staff in the Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC) who support open engagement and collaborative innovation with the private sector. He and his team work with industry, government, and academia to foster tech transfer of HPC applications and resources to make these game-changing capabilities broadly available for public benefit. HPC at this scale allows users to address computational challenges at revolutionary speed, detail and data density. Such world class capability has clear benefits and ROI across the full spectrum of applications including industrial design, drug discovery, and climate studies. Wayne works with technology leaders in industry to solve specific proprietary challenges and engages broadly with industry groups on common issues addressing entire sectors of the economy. He also works with leading academic institutions to support collaborative R&D between faculty and LLNL staff, and supports student engagement through sponsored research and internships. In addition, Wayne works with strategic domestic and international partner institutions that complement LLNL capabilities.

Wayne comes to this role with a long history of technical leadership and experience. He held a series of increasingly responsible research and management positions at LLNL that have included Associate Program Lead for Renewable Energy, Thermal Fluids Group Leader, and PI on internally funded R&D activities. Prior to joining LLNL, Wayne designed wind turbines at Kenetech Windpower, and developed helicopter simulation codes at NASA Ames. Wayne holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University, with technical emphasis in methods of engineering simulation.

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