ParaDiS, or Parallel Dislocation Simulator, is a simulation tool that performs direct numerical simulation of dislocation ensembles, the carriers of plasticity, to predict the strength in crystalline materials from the fundamental physics of defect motion, evolution, and interaction.

The code has been successfully deployed on high performance computing architectures and used to study the origins of strength and strain hardening for cubic crystals, the strength of micro-pillars, and irradiated materials at LLNL. The ParaDiS code has been successfully deployed on more than one hundred thousand CPU’s with over ten million active degrees of freedom.

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Key publications include:

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A. Arsenlis, Wei Cai, V. V. Bulatov, M. Rhee, M. Tang, T. Oppelstrup, M. Hiratani, G. Hommes, T. G. Pierce, "Enabling Strain Hardening Simulations with Dislocation Dynamics", Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 15, 553 (2007).

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