Structured light metrology systems can provide a precise digital reconstruction of real-world objects through projected light patterns and a camera system.  To make these 3D scanning systems more efficient, there is a method to automate a robust search for optimal exposure time with minimal human intervention and judgment.


The Structured Light Metrology (SLM) Toolkit, or 'SLMkit', includes tools for simulating and optimizing the performance of structured light scanners (such as the GOM ATOS Q). Other tools include calculating the transformation matrix between a scanner's coordinate system and the part's coordination system, simulating a scan of the part under ideal circumstances (including through a window), and calculating a quality metric to evaluate a scan in comparison to the simulation.


Reduced manufacturing costs due to automating some of the manual tasks of 3D scanning a part using structured light technology.

Potential Applications
  • 3D scanning/imaging
  • Manufacturing simulation


Development Status

LLNL has a pending patent application on the method

Current stage of technology development:  TRL 6

LLNL has copyrights on this software.  LLNL is seeking interested end user licensees as well as U.S. industry partners interested in commercializing and distributing the software. Distribution partners should show their demonstrated ability to work with Federal Laboratories and bring Laboratory innovations to the market.


Licensing Instructions

SLMkit is being provided for academic and research purposesNonexclusive Software EULA Slmkit (Fillable)

For companies that are considering commercialization and want to license the software, go here for more information or contact Genaro Mempin.

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