Data Analysis and Visualization Technologies

Communicating complex scientific information is a critical activity in responding to today’s COVID-19 pandemic. Many sources exist now to present trustworthy and timely information in ways that decisionmakers and the general public can understand. One way to communicate scientific information is to show the technical data in visual forms that users can easily relate to and interact with. LLNL’s VisIT software has long been a leading tool for enabling scientists to visually show complicated scientific data. VisIt is an open source, interactive, scalable, visualization, animation and analysis tool.

One of the biggest challenges in many fields of studies, such as COVID-19, is to analyze a complex mix of experimental and simulation data, which relies primarily on the intuition of trained experts. Many advanced analysis techniques are often difficult to integrate, leading to a confusing patchwork of analysis snippets too cumbersome for data exploration. To simplify data analysis, LLNL scientists developed a web-based software system that consists a combination of techniques from statistics, machine learning, topology, and visualization.