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Innovation and Partnerships Office

Accelerating U.S. Economic Competitiveness

The Innovation and Partnerships Office serves as a focal point for LLNL engagement with industry. Whether by technology commercialization, encouraging entrepreneurship, or via laboratory business development activities, our mission is to grow the economy by advancing the development and commercialization of scientific discoveries. Our goal is to identify new economic opportunities and solutions and transfer those to the private sector through licensing or partnerships for the benefit of the US economy.

Intellectual Capital
Ideas galore!
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~ 7500 LLNL employees generating ideas every day
Intellectual Property
Patents & Copyrights
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> 1000 active patents and filings
~ 300 copyright assertions in last 5 yrs

LLNL Technology Solutions

We want to maximize the impact of the discoveries made at LLNL. So, if you need to solve a current technology challenge, want to license an exciting technology to start a new company or want to understand the breadth of our technology...

Explore the pioneering technologies developed at LLNL!

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~400 active licenses ~50 active CRADAs and ACTs
~150 active MTAs ~500 NDAs per year
Market participation
$Billions of products sold with “LLNL inside”
Market success!
Four public companies started by LLNL scientists have a total market value of over $20B.

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