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Versatile Cold Spray (VCS) | 2020

Versatile Cold Spray (VCS) outperforms other cold spray and additive manufacturing techniques by depositing both ductile and brittle materials to any substrate of any shape without adhesives. The unique VCS nozzle and feed system preserves the functional qualities of brittle materials such as semiconductors, including thermoelectrics, and magnets, achieving a coating with greater than 99% density. The streamlined, portable, low-cost VCS design enables high-density, functional coatings in place, providing a viable pathway to creating energy-harvesting thermoelectric generators from heat-emitting industrial components of any form factor. These thermoelectric generators present an elegant solution—with no moving parts or chemicals—to begin to capture the 13 quadrillion BTUs of energy lost to waste heat each year from U. S. industrial operations. The Livermore/TTEC team that developed VCS has demonstrated its effectiveness inbuilding a thermoelectric generator as well as its capability to apply magnetic coatings, creating permanent magnets inside motor housing or generator parts, and insulating materials, an important component of energy harvesting and storage devices.

Winners: LLNL: Dr. Harry Radousky, Dr. Scott McCall, Dr. Elis Stavrou, Dr. Alex Baker, Dr. Nathan Woollett TTEC Thermoelectric Technologies: Richard Thuss
IMPEDE® Embolization Plug | 2019

The IMPEDE® Embolization Plug is a permanently implanted vascular occlusion medical device featuring fast, easy deployment with low radial force and high vessel conformability. It combines a novel biodegradable shape memory polymer (SMP) foam with a radiopaque markerband and anchor coil for positioning, rapid clotting, and integrated healing response. See video for demonstration of IMPEDE Embolization Plug device

MC-15 Portable Neutron Multiplicity Detector | 2019

The MC-15 detects neutrons to within 100-nanosecond resolution, enabling emergency response teams to quickly identify and assess nuclear-based threats. The MC-15 processes data in real time, requires little training to operate, and is portable, lighter, and faster than any neutron multiplicity detector on the market.

Winners: Sean Walston
SCR Framework: Accelerating Resilience and I/O for Supercomputing Applications | 2019

The Scalable Checkpoint/Restart Framework 2.0 (SCR) enables high performance computing simulations to take advantage of hierarchical storage systems, without complex code modifications. With SCR, scientific simulations’ input/output performance can be improved by orders of magnitude, with their results produced in significantly less time than they could be with traditional methods.

Winners: Adam Moody, Kathryn Mohror, Elsa Gonsiorowski, Cameron Stanavige, Bronis R. de Supinski, Gregory Becker, Kathleen Shoga, Greg Kosinovsky, Tony Hutter.
Spack: A Package Manager for HPC Systems | 2019

Spack is an open source software package management tool for scientific computing. It simplifies and accelerates building, installing, and customizing complex software stacks. Spack unifies software deployment for laptops, clusters, and supercomputers, enabling a community of thousands of users to share and leverage over 3,200 scientific software packages.

See video for further information

Winners: Todd Gamblin, Greg Becker, Tamara Dahlgren, Gregory L. Lee, Matt Legendre, Peter Scheibel
ACE: The Ageless Aluminum Revolution | 2017
Winners: Scott McCall, Aurelien Perron, Patrice Turchi, Jonathan Lee and postdoctoral researcher Alex Baker. In partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Ames Laboratory and Eck Industries, developed under a project within the Critical Materials Institute (CMI), a Department of Energy Innovation Hub.
Applied Biosystems Axiom Microbiome Array | 2017
Winners: Tom Slezak, Crystal Jaing, Kevin McLoughlin, James Thissen and Shea Gardner
Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) | 2017
Winners: Dean Williams, chair of ESGF, Sasha Ames, Sterling Baldwin, Jason Boutte, James Crean, Charles Doutriaux, Cameron Harr, Matthew Harris, William Hill, Anthony (Tony) Hoang, Angela Jefferson, Soo Kim, JiWoo Lee, Renata McCoy, Lina Muryanto, Denis Nadeau, Jeffrey (Jeff) Painter, Zeshawn Shaheen and Jill Zhang. Led by LLNL, other collaborators also include: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; the international laboratories in the federation include the Australian National University's National Computational Infrastructure, the German Climate Computing Centre, the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace, the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, and the Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal.
Geometrically Enhanced Photocathodes | 2017
Winners: Andrew MacPhee, Perry Bell, David Bradley, Otto Landen and Sabrina Nagel. Developed in partnership with Nevada National Security Site, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and NanoShift, LLC.
National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) Toolset | 2017
Winners: Susan Carroll, Yue Hao, Kayuum Mansoor, Yunwei Sun, Wyatt DuFrane, Harris Mason and Josh White. Whitney Trainor-Guitton, a professor at the Colorado School of Mines, and Stuart Walsh, a professor at the University of South Wales in Australia, also are part of the LLNL team. LLNL researchers are part of a five-way U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories collaboration that includes National Energy Technology Laboratory, Los Alamos, Lawrence Berkeley and Pacific Northwest national laboratories.
Radiation Field Training Simulator (RaFTS) | 2017
Winners: Josh Oakgrove, Dan Bower, Greg White, Mark Cunningham, Steve Kreek, Dave Trombino, T.R. Koncher, Bill Dunlop
Zirconia Electrochemical Hydrogen Safety Sensor | 2017
Winners: Amanda Wu and Robert Glass. Developed in partnership with LANL testing partner Hydrogen Frontier Inc.
CCSI Toolset | 2016
Winners: Greg Pope, Brenda Ng, Jim Leek, Charles Tong, Tom Epperly, Jeremy Ou, Natalia Kitch
GLO Transparent Ceramic Scintillator | 2016
Winners: Zachary Seeley, Scott Fisher, Nerine Cherepy, Gary Stone, Stephen Payne, Daniel Schneberk, Peter Thelin
Polyelectrolyte Enabled Liftoff (PEEL) | 2016
Winners: Tayyab Suratwala, Salmaan Baxamusa, Michael Stadermann, Chantel Aracne-Ruddle, Phil Miller, Art Nelson
Large-Area Projection Micro-Stereolithography | 2015
Winners: Bryan Moran is the device's principal investigator.
The High-Power Intelligent Laser Diode System | 2015
Winners: The project's principal investigator is Bob Deri.
The Zero-order Reaction Kinetics (Zero-RK) | 2015
Winners: Matthew McNenly and Russell Whitesides are the project's principal investigators
Convergent polishing (CISR) | 2014
Winners: Tayyab Suratwala, Rusty Steele, Michael Dennis Feit, Rebecca Dylla-Spears, Dan Mason, Richard Desjardin, Lana Wong, Paul Geraghty, Nan Shen, Phil Miller, Doug Fisher, John Bigelow and Edwin Northcutt
Extreme-power ultra-low-loss dispersive element (EXUDE) | 2014
Winners: Jerald Britten, Hoang Nguyen, Michael Aasen, Thomas Carlson, Curly Hoaglan, Cindy Larson and James Nissen
microTLC (thin-layer chromatography) | 2014
Winners: John Reynolds, Joe Satcher, Leslie Carman, Ana Racoveanu, Corry Painter, Philip Pagoria and former LLNL employee Rich Whipple.
Superconducting tunnel junction X-ray spectrometer | 2014
Winners: Stephan Friedrich, Owen Drury, Jan Batteux and Simon Labov
DNA Tagged Reagents for Aerosol Experiments (DNATrax) | 2013
Winners: Roald Leif, Ruth Udey, Sally Hall, Elizabeth Wheeler, George Farquar, Brian Baker, Beth Vitalis, Christine Hara, Cindy Thomas, Maxim Shusteff
Efficient Mode-Converters for High-Power Fiber Amplifiers | 2013
Winners: Jay Dawson, Derrek Reggie Drachenberg, John Heebner, James Paul Armstrong, Paul Pax and Arun Sridharan
Laser SHIELD (Screening at High-throughput to Identify Energetic Laser Distortion) | 2013
Winners: Anthony Rivera, Kevin Williams, Larry Smith, Gaylen Erbert, Jeff Jarboe, Kim Christensen, Matt Rever, Larry Pelz, Corey Bennett, Leyen Chang John Heebner, Alex Deland, Jean-Michel G. DiNicola, Mark Bowers, Adrian Barnes, Jason Chou, Vincent Hernandez and Don Browning
Mantevo Suite 1.0 Mantevo - LLNL was a joint submitter with Sandia and others | 2013
Winners: David Holtkamp; National Security Technologies: Edward Daykin, David Esquibel, Howard Bender, Cenobio Gallegos, Carlos Perez, Aracelli Rutkowskiacelli
Movie Mode Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscope (DTEM) | 2013
Winners: Thomas LaGrange, Glenn Huete, Bill DeHope, Rich Shuttlesworth, and Bryan Reed
High Velocity Laser Accelerated Deposition (HVLAD) | 2012
Winners: LLNL – Joseph Farmer, Sasha Rubenchik; Metal Improvement Company – Division of Curtis-Wright Corporation - Lloyd Hackel
Laser Energy Optimization by Precision Adjustments to the Radiant Distribution (LEOPARD) | 2012
Winners: LLNL - John Heebner, Abdul S. Awwal, Michael R. Borden, Gordon K. Brunton, Tracy S. Budge, Kim S. Christensen, Jean-Michel G. DiNicola, Sham N. Dixit, Mark M. Franks, Steve L. Hunter, Eric E. Imhoff, Jeffrey A. Jarboe, Phil E. Miller, Marcus V. Monticelli, Matthew A. Rever, Michael F. Scanlan, Lynn G. Seppala, Larry K. Smith, Michael G. Tarnowski, Eddy Tse, Edward Von Marley, Jeffrey W. Wilburn, Kevin C. Williams, Nan N. Wong; Meadowlark Optics - Robert Ramsey (former), Tom Baur
MPDV: Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimeter | 2012
Winners: LLNL – Oliver Ted Strand; LANL - David Holtkamp; National Security Technologies - Edward Daykin, David Esquibel, Howard Bender, Cenobio Gallegos, Carlos Perez, Aracelli Rutkowskiacelli
NanoSHIELD Coatings | 2012
Winners: LLNL - Frank Wong; ORNL - William H. Peter, Peter Blau, Craig Blue, Wei Chen, Art Clemons, Ryan Dehoff, John Rivard, Kevin Harper, Thomas King, Andrew Klarner, Larry Lowe; Carpenter Technology Corporation - Louis W. Lherbier; Strategic Analysis, Inc. - Louis F. Aprigliano; Colorado School of Mines - Brian Asbury; U.S. Department of Energy - Leo Christodoulou, Jeffrey Walker; Carpenter Power Products - Greg DelCorso, Dave Novotnak; Ozdemir Engineering - Levent Ozdemir
Plastic Scintillators for Neutron and Gamma Discrimination | 2012
Winners: LLNL - Natalia Zaitseva, Leslie Carman, Nerine Cherepy, Michelle Faust, Andrew Glenn, Sebastien Hamel, Keith Lewis, Paul Martinez, Iwona Pawelczak, Stephen Payne, Benjamin Rupert, James Cleckler; Eljen Technology - Loretta F. Hernandez, Charles Hurlbut, Matt Jackson, Brooke Morris
Snowflake Divertor for Nuclear Fusion Reactors | 2012
Winners: LLNL - Dmitri Ryutov, Ronald H Cohen, Thomas Rognlien, Vsevolod Soukhanovskii, Maxim V. Umansky; Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Joon-Wook Ahn; EPFL Center for Research in Plasma Physics - Stefano Coda, Basil Duval, Jean-Marc Moret, Francesco Piras; Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - Egemen Kolemen, Jonathan Menard
Serrated Light Illumination for Deflection-Encoded Recording (SLIDER) | 2011
Winners: LLNL - John Heebner, Susan Haynes, Chris Sarantos
Stack Trace Analysis Tool (STAT) | 2011
Winners: LLNL – Gregory L. Lee, Dong H. Ahn, Bronis R. de Supinski, Matthew LeGendre, Martin Schulz; University of New Mexico - Dorian Arnold; University of Wisconsin - Barton Miller
A Look Inside the Living Eye | 2010
Winners: LLNL – Diana Chen, Scot Olivier, Steven Jones; UC Davis – Robert J. Zawadzki, John S. Werner; Boston Michromachine – Thomas Bifano; Indiana University – Don Miller
A Scintillating Radiation Detection Material | 2010
Winners: LLNL - Nerine Cherepy, Steve Payne, Owen Drury, Alex Drobshoff, Cheng Saw, Ben Strum, Thomas Hurst, Scott Fisher, Peter Thelin; ORNL – Joanne Ramey, Jim Kolopus, Lynn Boatner; Fisk University –Pijush Bahattacharya, Eugene Tupitsyn, M. Christopher Brown II, Hazel R. O'Leary, Arnold Burger, Yunlong Cui, Vladimir Buliga, Utpal Roy, Michael Groza; Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. – William Higgins, Tom Hazlett, Huicong Hong, Joshua Tower, Kanai Shah, Sharmistha Mukhopadhyay, Alexei Churilov, Urmila Shirwadkar, Jarek Glodo, Craig Hines, Edgar van Loef, Rastgo Hawrami, John Vaghini, Viktor Biteman.
High-Speed Imager for Fast, Transient Events at NIF | 2010
Winners: Steve Vernon, Rick Stewart, Warren Hsing, Mark Lowry, Paul Steele, Susan Haynes
Measuring Extremely Bright Pulses of Light | 2010
Winners: Donn McMahon, Mark MKernan, Richard Kemptner, Dmitri Rytov, Richard Bionta, Daniel Behne, Keith Kishiyama, Stefan Hau-Riege, Vasco daCosta, Marty Roeben, Robert Geer, Elden Ables, Livermore retiree Stewart Shen, former Livermore employee Alan Wooton; SLAC – Jacek Krzywinski, Marc Messerschmidt.
Outstanding Technology Development - MEMS-Based Adaptive Optics Optical Coherence Tomography | 2010

Developers of the technology include Scot Olivier, Diana Chen, and Steve Jones. Genaro Mempin is the Business Development Executive for the technology. The MEMs-Based Adaptive Optics Optical Coherence Tomography is a clinical instrument that provides noninvasive, ultra-high resolution, 3-D volumetric retinal images for eye doctors to view retinal structures at the cellular level. Prototypes are located at UC Davis and Indiana University.

Software Solution for Radioactive Contraband Detection | 2010
Winners: LLNL – Brian Guidry, Kenneth Sale, Michael Axelrod, Thomas Gosnell, James Candy, Sean Waltson, David Chambers, Eric Breitfeller, Dennis Slaughter, Jerome Verbeke; UCB – Stanley Prussin
Taking the Salt Out of the Sea | 2010
Winners: LLNL – Francesco Fornasiero, former Livermore employees Sangil Kim, Olgica Bakajin, Aleksandr Noy, Jason Holt, Hyung Gyu Park
Building Fusion Targets with Precision Robotics | 2009
Winners: Richard Montesanti, Monika Witte, Robert Kent, Manuel Carrillo, Dawn Lord, Elizabeth Dzenitis, Jeff Atherton, Robert Bickel, Jack Reynolds, John S. Taylor, Richard Seugling, Jeffrey Klingmann, Ethan Alger (General Atomics), Evan Mapoles, Abbas Nikroo (General Atomics), Carlos Castro, Livermore retiree George L. Miller
Capturing Waveforms in a Quadrillionth of a Second | 2009
Winners: Bryan Moran, Vincent Hernandez, Alex Drobshoff, and Corey Bennett
Compact Alignment for Diagnostic Laser Beams | 2009
Winners: Physicist and optical engineer Mike Rushford developed the laser beam centering and pointing system
Eradicating the Aftermath of War | 2009
Winners: Sean Lehman, Benjamin Fasenfest, Noel Peterson, Christine Paulson, Kique Romero, Pat Welsh, Bob Yamamoto, and Dave Chambers, Jim Zumstein, Brian Guidry, Mark Vigars, Philip Top, John Parker, Garth Pratt, Steven Bond, Greg Dallum, Peter Haugen, John Chang, John Breneman, Matthew Breneman, Steve Azevedo, Christopher Gardner, and Jae Jeon
Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy in the Palm of Your Hand | 2009
Winners: Dennis Carr, Morgan Burks, Marianne Ammendolia, and Livermore retiree Del Eckels
Light-Speed Spectral Analysis of a Laser Pulse | 2009
Winners: Rob Campbell, William Molander, Paul Armstrong, Christopher Ebbers, Noel Peterson, Steven Telford, Richard Shuttlesworth, Glenn Huete, Rodney Lanning, Nick Schenkel, and Andy Bayramian
Restoring Sight to the Blind | 2009
Winners: Charlene Sanders (ORNL), Vincent Kandagor (ORNL), Adrian Casias (SNL), Gianluca Lazzi, (NCSU), Wolfgang Fink (Caltech), Mark Humayun (Doheny), James Weiland (Doheny), Lindy Yow (Doheny), Dao Min Zhou (SSMP), Orlando Auciello (ANL), Dahweh Chiu (SNL), John George (LANL), Sat Pannu (LLNL), Guo Xing Wang (SSMP), Konstantin Kolev (Doheny), Dean Cole (US DOE), Kurt Wessendorf (SNL), Jim Little (SSMP), Wentai Liu (UCSC), Kuanfu Chen (UCSC), Aditi Ray (Doheny), Rongqing Dai (SSMP), Anderson Pinto (Doheny), Kris Christen (ORNL), Biju Thomas (Doheny), Atoosa Lotfi (Doheny), Lihsien Wu (UCSC), Moo Sung Chae (UCSC), John Xie (Doheny), Adrian Rowley (Doheny), Sean Pearson (SSMP), Nick Talbot (SSMP), Murat Okandan (SNL), Lucien Laude (Doheny)
ROSE: Making Compiler Technology More Accessible | 2009
Winners: Peter Collingbourne, Martin Bauer (formerly of Livermore), Thomas Heller (formerly of Livermore), Robb Matzke, David Hamilton, Chunhua Liao, Andreas Saebjornsen, Daniel Quinlan, Jeffrey Keasler, and Thomas Panas
Autonomous Alignment Process for Laser Fusion Systems (AAPLF) | 2008
Winners: Abdul Awwal, Erlan Bliss, Mark Bowers, Scott Burkhart, Jim Candy, Bob Carey, Allan Casey, Stephanie Daveler, Chris Estes, Walter Ferguson, Michael Flegel, Ben Horowitz, Holger Jones, Vicki Miller Kamm, Larry Lagin, Richard R. Leach Jr., Sean Lehman, Roger Lowe-Webb, Wilbert McClay, David McGuigan, Mark Miller, Charles Orth, Karl Pletcher, Charles Reynolds, Thad Salmon, Eric Stout, Suzy Townsend, Paul Van Arsdall, Karl Wilhelmsen, Haiyan Zhang
Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscope (DTEM) | 2008
Winners: Michael Armstrong, Nigel Browning, Geoffrey Campbell, William DeHope, Wayne King, Judy Kim, Thomas LaGrange, J. Bradley Pesavento, Benjamin Pyke, Bryan Reed, Richard Shuttlesworth, Brent Stuart, Mitra Taheri, Benjamin Torralva
SecureBox: National Security Through Secure Cargo | 2008
Winners: Vickie Abreu, Steve Azevedo, David Benzel, John Chang, Kristian Chubb, Greg Dallum, Arden Dougan, Farid Dowla, William Dunlop, Peter Haugen, Bruce Henderer, Richard R. Leach Jr., Howard Lowdermilk, Faranak Nekoogar, Michael Newman, Christine Paulson, Garth Pratt, Kique Romero, Ronald Shaw, Philip Top, Mark Vigars, Patrick Welsh, Kenneth Waltjen, James Zumstein
Babel: A High-Performance Language Interoperability Tool | 2007
Winners: Tamara Dahlgren, Tom Epperly, Scott Kohn, Gary Kumfert, Jim Leek
Continuous Phase Plate Optics Manufactured Using Magnetorheological Finishing | 2007
Winners: Lawrence Atherton, John H. Campbell, Pete J. Davis, Sham Dixit, Chris Haynam, Joe Menapace, Greg Rogowski
Hypre: Fast Solution Algorithms for High-Performance Scientific Computing | 2007
Winners: Allison Baker, Rob Falgout, Van Emden Henson, Tzanio Kolev, Barry Lee, Jeff Painter, Charles Tong, Panayot Vassilevski, Ulrike Yang
Large Area Imager | 2007
Winners: AMarianne Ammendolia, Dennis Carr, Jeff Collins, Chris Cork, and Lorenzo Fabris, Klaus Ziock
MEMS-Based Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope | 2007
Winners: Diana Chen, Steven Jones, Scot Olivier, Dennis Silva
E.L.I.T.E.™: A pocket-sized trace explosives test | 2006
Winners: J. Del Eckels, Jeff Haas, Peter Nunes, John Reynolds, Randall Simpson
Externally Dispersed Interferometry | 2006
Winners: David Erskine
Sapphire: Scientific Data Mining Software | 2006
Winners: Erick Cantu-Paz, Samson Cheung, Abel Gezahegne, Cryus Harrison, Chandrika Kamath, Nu Ai Tang
Sonoma Persistent Surveillance System | 2006
Winners: David Bloom, Curtis Brown, Laurence Flath, Allen House, Michael Kartz, John Marion, Michael Newman, Deanna Pennington, Robert Sawvel, Gary Stone, Charles Thompson, Aaron Wegner
UltraSpec: An Ultrahigh-Resolution Gamma and Neutron Spectrometer | 2006
Winners: Jan Batteux, Owen Drury, Stephan Friedrich, Simon Labov, Thomas Niedermayr
Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor (ARAM) | 2005
Winners: Dan Archer, Brock Beauchamp, Joe Mauger, Mike Mercer, Karl Nelson, David Pletcher, Vincent Riot, Tom Schaffer, Jim Schek, Dave Trombino, Guy Urbina
Biological Aerosol Mass Spectrometry | 2005
Winners: Jim Birch, Keith Coffee, Matthias Frank, David Fergenson, Eric Gard, Norma Madden, Vincent Riot, Abneesh Srivastava, Paul Steele, Herbert Tobias, Todd Weisgraber, Bruce Woods
NanoFoil® | 2005
Winners: Troy Barbee, Jr.
VisIt: A flexible, scalable visualization and graphic analysis tool | 2005
Winners: Sean Ahern, Eric Brugger, Kathleen Bonnell, Hank Childs, Linnea Cook, Jeremy Meredith, Mark Miller, Brad Whitlock