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Rene White Professional Photo

Rene White is Managing Director at The Chasm Group LLC the Silicon Valley-based management consulting firm best known for its technology adoption models and methodologies first documented in the book Crossing The Chasm by founder Geoffrey Moore. Rene has spent most of his career across a wide swath of business and consumer technology industries launching new categories, accelerating adoption for emerging categories or reinventing mature ones. Prior to joining The Chasm Group, he served in executive management positions with Oracle, Tibco and Interwoven Software as well as two enterprise software start-ups. Before his operating career, Rene was CEO of his own consulting firm best known for creating and launching the Federal Express shipping and tracking software used on a daily basis today. Previously, he was executive vice president at Regis McKenna, Inc., Silicon Valley’s go-to marketing consulting firm in the 1980’s, consulting for many well-known technology companies and helping launch several high profile categories including personal computers, spread sheet software, semiconductors, UNIX workstations and genetic engineering. He also managed their premier account, Apple Computer, working directly with Steve Jobs for more than five years. Rene holds advisory board positions with several companies. He earned his bachelor's degree in communications from California State University, Fullerton.