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Elaine Shults Professional Photo

My name is Elaine Shults and I am currently a master’s student at Georgetown University, studying Biotechnology with an emphasis in BioBusiness. My summer internship within the Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has deeply enriched my understanding of business operations under certain legal frameworks, and challenged my scientific and technical understanding of cutting-edge science. My various projects here included conducting a portfolio audit to assess the lab’s neurotechnology assets for potential use in industry. Another project entailed writing a quarterly report outlining the many uses of artificial intelligence within precision medicine initiatives, and other healthcare applications. I also had the opportunity to teach yoga here on a weekly basis- which was a wonderful balance to my work life, and a fun opportunity to meet people from other directorates. There is incredible work being done within the walls of this lab, done by incredible people. Hannah Farquar and Yash Vaishnav have been a wealth of information to me, and I am thankful for their mentorship and guidance. This experience has given me a truly unique perspective, as the IPO office sits at the intersection of business, science, and law. I feel well prepared to enter the next phase of my professional journey: as a Regulatory Intelligence Analyst for Genentech, a South San Francisco-based biotechnology company.