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Mary Holden-Sanchez Professional Photo
Digital Assets Coordinator

MARY HOLDEN-SANCHEZ is the Digital Assets Coordinator dedicated to ensuring LLNL authored software is properly distributed outside the Laboratory for others to use. She is responsible for managing LLNL's online software review system as well as executing software license agreements for commercial entities, individuals, and government agencies from around the world. In addition, Mary also manages the submissions processes for R&D 100 and FLC (Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer) Awards, which are excellent opportunities for LLNL researchers to showcase their successfully commercialized technologies.

Mary has been part of the IPO Team for over 18 years in a career that she finds very fulfilling since it contains variety, regularly poses interesting challenges, and offers exciting opportunities for interactions with LLNL software developers. She recently won the 2022 DOE’s Technology Transfer Working Group “Best in Class” licensing award for her exceptional work with LLNL’s NEC (Numerical Electromagnetic Code) software.

Mary holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Information Systems Management from Brandman University. When she is not at work, she can be found spending time with her family (both the human and four-legged varieties).

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