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Anthony Ruggiero

Tony received his bachelor’s degree from the University Arizona in Tucson and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Oregon. He joined the LLNL Physics Directorate in 1990 and his career evolved over a period of 18 years, highlighted by significant R&D advances in ultrabright bandwidth laser optical free-space communications. The technology transmitted data at 2.5 gigabits per second on a single laser channel, a rate comparable to 400 channels of television or 40,000 simultaneous phone calls. In March 2009, his work in photonics, laser technologies, and optoelectronics led him to begin what would become a very successful entrepreneurial venture – Sierra Photonics. By 2014, the company’s successful caught the attention of Google and Tony guided the company through a smooth acquisition by Google X LLC. Ruggiero will be remembered at LLNL for not only his work ethic and personability, but for his appreciation for the support of those around him who contributed to his LLNL and entrepreneurial successes.

1990 - 2008