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LLNL Licensees Reporting Forms

Entrepreneurs and investors are keys to success in commercializing breakthrough Laboratory technologies. LLNL understands that supporting the development of entrepreneurs both within the laboratory and throughout the region is important to sustain and grow a healthy commercialization pipeline. As such, the Innovation and Partnerships office engages with a diverse group of serial entrepreneurs and subject matter experts with Silicon Valley roots to work with us in nurturing promising new technologies toward commercialization.

Advanced technologies and their development drive the creation of companies spurring markets and the economy. LLNL’s technologies play a part in economic development and it starts with partnerships with the private sector. The Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO) at LLNL has various mechanisms to enable and support laboratory-industry partnering for research and technology transfer. If you are ready to engage and discover how LLNL technology can solve your market problems, contact us.

Software Licensing Instructions

  1. Download the application-specific End User License.
  2. Complete the electronic fillable PDF entries of the End User License and the Licensee Information Form.
  3. If you are a non-U.S. entity, you are required to complete the Customer Screening Form.
  4. Have the appropriate officer of the company sign the License.
  5. Email a signed copy (digital signatures accepted) of the End User Licenses, the Licensee Information Form, Customer Screening Form (for non-U.S.

Innovation Development Fund (IDF)

The Innovation Development Fund (IDF) provides LLNL researchers with funds to develop promising early stage technologies to mitigate investment risks for industry and other potential investors. IDF investments help bridge what is commonly referred to as the “valley of death”—the gap between when a technology is promising and when it moves forward into commercialization.

IPO sponsors and/or manages programs to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of the LLNL workforce to spur innovation and seed commercialization of LLNL intellectual assets.

LLNL and IPO are key members of a larger innovation ecosystem that stimulates regional economies in the Tri-Valley and greater San Francisco Bay Region.  IPO’s network of innovation-focused partners amplifies technology commercialization programs and results. 

DOE Notice

Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC manages and operates LLNL under a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Because LLNL is a government-owned laboratory, and because most of the intellectual property developed at the Laboratory arises from federally-funded programs, some of LLNL's business practices and licensing terms are different from those typically found in the private sector.

Technology Transfer Ombuds-Person Objective

The purpose of LLNL's Industry Technology Transfer Ombuds-Person is to provide an independent, impartial person, reporting to senior LLNL management, who can assist in informally resolving technology transfer issues or concerns when it is clear that outside help is need. The Technology Transfer Ombuds-Person can receive, investigate, and facilitate resolution of complaints from licensees, R&D partners, companies or individuals who raise concerns or disputes related to the technology transfer process (referred to herein as the Ombuds' "constituent").

Partnerships create a formalized way for resources to be leveraged. At LLNL we view partnerships as an ideal way to enhance core capabilities and contribute to our innovative culture.  The Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO) at LLNL offers contractual mechanisms to enable and support laboratory partnering for research and technology transfer. We have numerous examples of using these agreements to advance the development and commercialization of LLNL science. Guide to Partnering with National Labs