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Toy model demonstration of a Napier Deltic Engine. Thermo-structural analysis in Diablo with piston pressure. Simrev software-twin is seven python modules; pistons, crank-arms, gears, etc.; and a main program. Total 600 lines of code.

Simrev is a python library imported into a user-generated program. As the program grows in capability and complexity, the engineered product matures. The "software twin" handles all changes to product configuration and is the portal to running supercomputing analysis and managing workflow for engineering simulation codes. Assemblies become program modules; parts, materials, boundary conditions…


Autonomous systems operate in the air, on land, and even underwater. Sensing and avoiding objects is a critical necessity for autonomous vehicles when navigating their environment. Detecting objects in a vehicle's path and rapidly computing changes to the vehicle's trajectory requires object detection, path optimization, and vehicle guidance. Current solutions to this problem using optics can…

Cell phone 2

LLNL's NeMS system enables network mapping operations by using two LLNL-developed software systems: LLNL's NeMS tool and the Everest visualization system. Each software system can be also used separately for their specific applications. When the two systems are used together as an iterative analysis platform, LLNL's NeMS system provides network security managers and information technology…