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Structured light metrology systems provide a precise and efficient digital reconstruction of real-world objects through projected light patterns and a camera system.  These digital images form the processing data for fabrication systems.  Structured light scanners require a time-sensitive manual setting of the input parameters that result from the measurements of the real-world objects.  What is needed is a method to automate a robust search for optimal exposure time with minimal human intervention and judgment.


LLNL’s novel approach utilizes a number of techniques to improve reconstruction accuracy:

  • Better coding scheme-based techniques
  • Hardware-assisted techniques
  • Adaptive fringe projection techniques
  • Multi-exposure based techniques

The method requires specific calibration procedures and control of the hardware, which is achieved through a digital twin of the metrology system and a defined “coverage quality metric” to evaluate the measurement data sets.

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This technology is associated with the Structured Light Metrology (SLM) Toolkit, or 'SLMkit'.  For more information about this software, go to


Image caption: A digital twin (right) is the virtual representation of real-world objects and processes (left)

  • Manufacturing costs can be reduced due to automated 3D scanning.
  • For operators of structured light scanners, the novel method can automate the selection of exposure time for repeated scanning.
  • For digital twin developers of structured light scanners, the technology can add optimal exposure times to the digital twin.
  • For manufacturers of structured light scanners, LLNL’s digital twin approach extends the possibilities of automation processing for the optical metrology technique.
Potential Applications
  • 3D scanning/imaging
  • Digital twin development
Development Status

Current stage of technology development:  TRL 6 (engineering system validation in relevant environment).  The functionality of the invention has been tested successfully.

LLNL has filed for patent protection on this technology.

Reference Number
IL-13756, IL-13779