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The drive for higher performance has led to greater integration in next generation integrated circuits (IC).  Due to the miniaturization of semiconductor chips, there is a continuing need to dissipate heat in these devices.  These thermal effects have a significant impact on device performance and reliability.  Effective cooling of electronics is a requirement for these chips to be faster, better, and cheaper.  Most of the current research center on fluid-based active cooling while this novel technology cools the device without the use of fluids.


For cooling a high power device, the novel approach is to use a thermoelectric cooler (TEC)-based embedded substrate with proper selection of the TEC material as an active cooler.  The packaging configuration of TEC allows cooling the entire die without the use of a fluid.  The process is compatible with the thin film TEC material.  Standard semiconductor processes can be used to manufacture the IC. 

This technology was developed to work on laser diodes, specifically those with a low-pitch stack, but it can also be made to work for other high-power devices.

  • The technology is a compact, non-fluid-based cooling system.  For stacked diodes with lower pitch, the technology allows for increased laser brightness
  • The technology is compatible with standard semiconductor manufacturing processes while also reducing manufacturing costs.
Potential Applications
  • Active cooling of high-power devices
  • TEC cooling
Development Status

Current stage of technology development:  TRL 2

Reference Number