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Hydrogen peroxide based explosive systems have become a concern for transportation safety and security, especially because of events such as the 2005 London tube bombing. Hydrogen peroxide detection systems are now being considered for use in screening of personnel and luggage at transit entry points. These detection systems would benefit from improved ways to test the quality assurance and quality control of the detection platform in order to assure the detection system is performing as expected.


The Forensic Science Center at LLNL has invented a portable, compact and rugged hydrogen peroxide vapor generator. The system produces a consistent concentration of hydrogen peroxide vapor. The hydrogen peroxide vapor is generated from a safe and easy to maintain source of aqueous hydrogen peroxide and produces a dynamic flow stream at discrete concentrations.


LLNL’s hydrogen peroxide vapor generator provides a source of a known and consistent amount of hydrogen peroxide vapor for performing regular QA/QC tests of hydrogen peroxide vapor detection platforms. LLNL’s hydrogen peroxide vapor generator design and colorimetric calibration method is easily adapted to numerous applications.

Potential Applications


  • Calibration of detectors used in transportation and shipping screening for liquid explosives
  • Hydrogen peroxide detector calibration, testing, and QA/QC for use in the field
  • Laboratory testing of hydrogen peroxide detector technology


Development Status

A prototype system and quantification method have been developed. Published U.S. Patent Application 2009/0148379 describes the technology.

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