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Email security and awareness was estimated at $50-100B in 2022 according to McKinsey & Company, a reputable cybersecurity market research firm. Phishing is one of the main points of compromise. There is great need for email forensics capability to quickly search for malicious content. A strong cybersecurity defense includes a forensics capability to quickly search for malicious content. This includes information not feasibly found from popular email gateway services.


CSP-POST provides the capability to inspect all incoming and outgoing emails while providing after-the-fact forensic capabilities. Using commercially available lightweight and serverless technologies, CSP-POST easily collects all email and parses it into easily searchable metadata, enriched and ready for analysis. The web-based application is deployed in a repeatable, testable, and auditable manner, while giving cyber analysts a full range of tools to dig deep into every aspect of all email. 


The primary advantage of LLNL’s novel technology is that it enables email security and forensics capabilities not feasibly found in current popular systems.

Potential Applications

Cybersecurity for email systems. 

Development Status

Current stage of technology development:  TRL 2 (May 2023)

LLNL has filed for patent protection on this invention.

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