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The biotech industry aims to move towards an on-chip system for sample generation, amplification and detection of both DNA and RNA based organisms. LLNL has invented a new way of isolating samples in a system.

This invention enables creation of partitioned fluid "packets" between polymeric sheets for chemical separation, DNA amplification or PCR-based DNA detection. The polymeric films containing the fluid would be sealed upon application of heat and further partitioned into individual microliter or picoliter samples. This approach would allow a continuous flow of samples through the system and minimize reaction and processing times.

  • Microfluidic systems can be used for sensitive assays and rapid detection of dilute analytes
  • Fluid partitioning allows for multiple simultaneous analyses
  • Isolation of samples will improve throughput and detection
Potential Applications
  • Continuous Flow and Processing of Samples
  • Biological pathogen detection and identification
  • Development of personalized medical therapies
  • Biomedical applications, including single-cell analysis
  • Diagnostics
  • Food and beverage safety
  • Forensics
Development Status

LLNL has filed a patent application for this invention. LLNL seeks commercial partners to help develop this Microfluidic Partitioning system for PCR-based DNA detection.

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